“there is a beach under this concrete” said the Wythenshawe Wizard as he drew shapes on the floor with his hazel staff.

The crowd gasped as the grey pavement cracked and they swooned in unison as the wizard charmed a serpentine cloud of golden sand from beneath the broken concrete.

A voice piped up from the rapt audience, a dissenter among the faithful.

“there’s a supermarket under that beach” and as soon as the words were uttered the Wizard’s spell was as broken as the concrete paving.

The voice, which emanated from a cheese and onion pasty that floated up from the thickness of the crowd continued to explain.

“it’s all about the shell, the crust and the pastry, the filling comes and goes, and the wizards and their likes, the ones who name themselves as wise, they are the crust, the semblance of meaning, but if you take a bite out of them they are empty inside”

The wizard raged and gathered a mob to dispel this heretical pasty, but it was too late, the beach blew away and another concrete pavement was revealed. The last words of the levitating cheese and onion pasty cursed the scenario.

“there is no filling, only the facade and it’s lure of redemption”

Fall Down Cold by m4sk 22 available at bandcamp for the grand price of bugger all.