Class War Breaks Out

Here is the Classwar Karaoke survey 0017, a treasury of underground art for the ears and eyes.

In the words of the CWK

“In garnering this, we eagerly swooned, enamoured … such beauty, and by friends to boot. Elsewhere, by some digress, the unnumbered things of faux-authority and [sic]-desire, hidden by assertion itself, are struck upon historicism’s bloodless screen. We fart towards them – incendiary. Their Is is all Pan, Pantheon, Pangea etc.; its haunted processions are timorous and aggressive in equal measure – a fraught hinterland of Unverständlichkeit, in a sea of … you know … Nid-nod Adorno & c., or Id Vicious, or a Quartertonal Prog Elvis, jape-clogging for Eno-Obscene-O. Nowhere do we, no friends of the island, see machines failing such general congress. Instead, we knock on its walls, wailing … one, two… 13 o clock, rock … 92 men-, women- and children-strong”

0017 Survey is dedicated to the memory of our friend Richard Lainhart, who died on 30th December 2011

a mass of mindblowing music here!

and a metamorphic melee of movies here!


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