social though-dia

It has been a while since we last posted (and how many blog posts start with that statement to an uninterested audience?)

we are back

The thing is; we make stuff, and the social media is not the first thing we think of, because we are two people who are not conjoined, or even in the same country, we just do our thing and then forget to do anything else.

Promotion of the product through the media is hard because we are a we and not a me, but we haven’t got a wedia, so it all ends up as a -though. This is our social though-dia, it is the eternal day of though, a kind of arsed that we should be but never manage to be.

So here is a (brief) resume of some of our latest products. Sadly we do not make pies, but if we did, they would probably be eaten by now. These are the Machinima related works.

there was this song and video with John Hyatt singing and Derek Horton’s Pre Raphaelite lyrics, which was featured in the Soanyway magazine.

This machinima and vintage film hybrid which was featured in the Classwar Karaoke 0016 survey.

This Machinima and stop frame animation hybrid.


2 thoughts on “social though-dia

  1. It’s a kind of arsed I think it’s quite great not to be, and though I’ve already seen all these, good goin, and good on ya, and nice work, and hello.

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