Waggin it

I never wagged it that much, i might have skipped the odd ten or so maths lessons, it just didn’t appeal. My mate always wagged it though, anyone could tell cos he was always covered in cuts and bruises. Me and another mate arranged to meet him at the broken fence, we were a bit late, we nearly got caught coming out of school. There was this wood where everyone wagged it, there was loads to do there. Near the centre of the wood were two large ponds, we were often getting chucked into them, they were also great to build rafts on or make jumping islands out of whatever we could find, didn’t half smell though.

When we get to the fence my mate was nowhere in sight, suddenly I get hit on the shoulder by an acorn, I look down and see him squatting behind a group of trees “Look, over there, just behind that tree, keep your head down though, they might see us”. There were two guys who looked like they were swapping packages or something, they were pretty old cos they both had taches. “What do you reckon they’re doing” my mate says to me, “I don’t know, maybe there swappin footy stickers”, “don’t be stupid”, my mate says to both me and my other mate “they’re legal, I reckon they’re drugs”, “drugs” I always thought that drugs were only taken by trampy types and the mafia and maybe the odd rock star like him out of Bon Jovi, these guys looked pretty respectable “Lets throw stuff at them and scare them” my mate says, “they might have a knife, or even a gun on them though”, he was gonna do it whatever I said. He throws the first acorn, they turn around looking startled, we then all throw one at the same time, they still don’t see us, suddenly my mate stands and moves from behind the trees “You druggy wankers!” we got a chase but we were too quick for them.

Words by Simon Woolham. Music by Woolham and Moss – M4SK 22. (M22 = Wythenshawe. SK4 = North West Stockport)

Video by M4SK 22.


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