Inspired listening over at Magic Alex  listening to some very early electronica, dispelling a few myths and shocking some sedate ideas that all musical genres started when certain lazy music journalists say they did.  One of the best books about music by a journalist is Paul Morley’s Words and Music: A History of Pop in the Shape of a City which turns the history of pop music on it’s head and if all else, leaves the reader with a desire to get the records out, or buy some more.

do what thou wilt, wilt what thy do…

All that thinking about listening and then listening and thinking, and not thinking, got me thinking about how many musical trends and themes have origins that are now so much more easily accessible due to the geek inheritance. Culture is not safe anymore, all ideas are replaceable.

Death metal for example, this from alleged Italian proto progressive doom metal rockers  Jacula from 1969. Or was it all a dream? When art is concerned it is too much trouble to care whether something is real or faked, scientific inquiry belongs on TV screens, outside of the screenplay all history is malleable, people called Doris can be also known as Fiamma Dello Spirito, it is possible to travel back and insert something in a hole in time and time itself is playing games with us. Sapphire and Steel are out there fighting time…

Were the Rutles beckoning the Beatles into existence? one doesn’t exist without the other, but which one?

Sometimes the fake is better than any of the real ones…

Whatever happened to David McCallum, was he really Steel? Perhaps his face really did move in a different time and he is still raising an eyebrow, it is all acting anyway, except the bit about time…


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